Image: Ophelis
Similar to the previous post, is this line of modular office furniture designed by Björn Meier and Till Grosch for manufacturer Ophelis who feel that the move towards a decentralised office space has created a demand for furniture like this: an integrated system which is extremely flexible and can be configured and re-configured in various ways but still allows interactivity as well as a degree of privacy.  following this mandate, the designers have created a system that makes it possible to connect people and areas and to make use of these connections in a variety of ways.

The challenge was to design a piece of furniture that can create a transitional zone while staying true to the design mandate.  A bench-like structure was used as the base into which other items such as lamps and side tables can be integrated.  The furniture populates the area between the workstations creating the concept of "islands" within an office.

Images: Ophelis

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