Image: Miss Cakehead
The makers of The Kraken rum have collaborated with stunt PR campaigner Miss Cakehead to create a unique spin on the St Valentine's Day tradition (which is probably closer to the origin of the holiday than we see today), namely a pop-up florist that will only sell black roses and small bottles of The Kraken rum as tokens of affection.  As there are no black flowers in nature, the effect will be created by placing dark red roses in vases filled with a Kraken’s ink instead of water.  The ink will be transported up the flower's stem and to turn the petals black, while all other parts will remain green.  For dramatic effect some of the flowers will also be turned black using special floristry dyes and will be paired with Calendula Lily Eclips and Queen of the Night Tulips, both of which are dark purple in colour by appear virtually black to the human eye.

The installation will be located at Think Ink florist off Carnaby Street in central London.  The money raised from the venture will go towards charity Project Redsand which was established to protect the Redsand Towers off the Kent coast. 

Images: Miss Cakehead