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A mobile tech device designed specifically for women that is stylish, functional and not pink?  That's the mandate of Memi, a chic iPhone-compatible smart bracelet that discreetly vibrates when you receive important phone calls, text messages and calendar alerts.  Designed to look more like a piece of jewellery, the Memi is sleek, adaptable and utilitarian.

Using wireless technology to communicate with your iPhone via the Memi app allows the wearer to  customise what alerts are sent to the bracelet.  The device can be set to respond to certain specific persons as well as to discreetly notify you of calendar events.  The Memi has three distinct vibration settings and a side button which allows you to mute or switch off incoming alerts. There is also a micro USB port hidden within the clasp for charging the device and to allow software updates. The Memi is designed to hold a charge for up to five days.

Images | Memi