Image: Henry&Co studio
Face2Face is Inspired by the famous Bertelli’s masterpiece, which eighty years ago represented its time with a sculpture.  Now, the designers of Henry&Co studio have honoured Bertelli with this object which can be used both as a stool or a small table, depending upon how it is arranged.

This project was developed and coordinated by Henry&Co studio, which collaborated with two master craftsmen of Verona: Torneria Ghelfo, who was responsible for the wood turning and Carmagnani Lucidatura who was responsible for the finishing touches and the painting of the objects. The material used to create the Face2Face is lime wood sourced from the central Europe. A natural wax has been applied directly to the wood as finishing touch rendering it protected to enable it to maintain its characteristics over time.  The objects can be stacked when not in use to become an expositive totem made up of impersonal faces.