"Warrior Queen" [detail]
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In October 2012, Trinidadian painter Edward Bowen held an exhibition at the Medulla Gallery in Port of Spain entitled "Paintings from the Monastery, Sans Souci 2009 - 2012".

The show featured selected works from Bowen's intensive three year residency and working period in the village of Sans Souci on the north coast of Trinidad and Tobago where he moved in 2008 to establish his studio.  The remoteness and solitude of the location was cathartic for the artist and allowed him to focus more clearly on his work without the distractions created by a more urban setting.  The exhibition featured carefully constructed abstractions which highlighted Bowen's special brand of "cynical surrealism" and brought together certain dominant elements in the artist's working process over that time period by illustrating the ongoing effort of the painter to further develop his personal aesthetic.  

"The Wizard"
"Two Women"
"Mystic Jouvert"
"Bird and Lizard"
"Ghost (of Carnival Past/Passed)"
"Landscape with Spire"
From Left: "The Wizard's House", "Structure Beneath" [detail]
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