Watford View - Rhona Emmerson
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The Bermuda National Gallery is currently playing host to two new shows: 'Marking Territory: A Focus on Bermuda's Landscape' and 'Highlights from the Young Collection'.  

'Marking Territory' takes over the lower floor of the gallery (but also spills outside via an in situ piece by Ami Zanders) and is a small but effective exhibition of 24 artists, the aim of which is to explore the manner in which traditional artistic methods can be used in new or different ways to express a personal experience with the island's environment.  While landscape art has been popular for centuries, here the artists explore new territory - literally and figuratively - as they convey their ideas through media more usually associated with other art movements or creative disciplines such as video art, symbolism and satire.  The resulting exhibition, given the size of the subject-matter, is a varied and interesting portrayal of the landscape of Bermuda from several different perspectives.

'Marking Territory' runs until May 30.

Bushy Park #2 - Jonah Jones
East Broadway ... (Detail) - Sharon Wilson
Time Machine - Graham Foster
Banalscapes - Jon Legere
Fragile Bark - Peter Lapsley
Rocky Shores at Grape Bay -  Michele Smith
Warwick Reef - James Cooper
After the Storm - Steven Masters
Reef Series - Sheilagh Head
St George's Walkabout - Lee Kitson Perry
Towards Dockyard - William Collieson
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Study for Endangered - Jacqueline Alma
Image  | Jacqueline Alma
Offshore - Teresa Kirby Smith
Image  |  Bermuda National Gallery