'Shallow Waters'
Image  |  Jacqueline Alma
Bermuda-based, South African born portrait painter Jacqueline Alma creates breathtaking works of art in oil.  Alma's last solo show was held in 2013 at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.  Entitled 'The Red Thread', the exhibit was intended to celebrate everyday Bermudians and to celebrate the Bermudian spirit.   

Alma paints from life and this intimate, time-consuming method allows the artist to form a particular bond with her subjects which is translated into her art.  She is fond of using dark, saturated colours from which her subjects often gaze directly out at the viewer.  Her work is also rife with symbolism and may include for example geographic coordinates, a poem written by the subject or a favourite childhood toy.  

Alma also received an Honourable Mention at The Charman Prize in 2011 and was a Category Winner in 2012.

'Study for Endangered'
'Devil's Isles'
'Janel with Cedar'
Entrapment of My Mind
'The Red Thread'
Images  |  Jacqueline Alma