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From the private collection of a client of Ponti Design Studios comes this gorgeously simple cutlery set. The Dune flatware set is inspired by experimental cuisine, molecular gastronomy and the idea that the experience of cooking and consuming of food should be akin to a culinary research lab that seeks to explore the technical, artistic and social aspects of the endeavour. In such a multi-sensory arena, every single component therefore is essential: from cooking spaces to tableware and even packaging.  And we love good design enough to get excited when, as in this case, the packaging is as beautiful as the contents (images after the jump).

In terms of the design, Ponti used aluminium, which makes the pieces much lighter and sleeker than traditional steel or titanium, and the anodised finish makes them extremely durable and easy-to-clean. The lightness of the material coupled with the streamlined curved lines that are intended to resemble a sand dune, gives the set a modern and contemporary look.  

Images  |   Ponti Design Studios