We love David Koma for his minimalist take on fashion that still manages to be glamorous and not dowdy. This collection follows his usual methodology: simple, streamlined and often body-conscious shapes. Any patterns are kept to a minimum and consisted of classic vertical stripes. Koma also mixed his trademark monochrome with primary colours and yet the clothes are far from boring.

In a time where fashion-mad sportsmen can command hundreds of millions of dollars, it is no wonder that fashion has looked to return the interest.  Cut-outs, ruffles and sequins ensured a lively collection. Ruffles flowed asymmetrically from shoulder or hip. Some of the more striking pieces included a frilled leather skirt, a bomber jacket with lace sleeves and a lace sweatshirt with matching trousers. The mix of technical fabrics with luxurious ones worked well.

Images | Marcus Tondo / Indigital.tv