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We’ve featured Valentino’s diffusion line pretty consistently for the last few seasons, and each time a new collection is released, we expect to be disappointed or underwhelmed by the offering but have yet to be so. 

That is not to say that this latest collection doesn’t have its problems. It’s neither groundbreaking in style nor trendsetting, yet Red Valentino continues to do well that what it does: interpret the latest designs and styles smartly and well and it aligns itself to compete with other brands making a push towards a younger markets like Coach. This time that meant bibbed bodices, boxy shapes, and pleated or frilled skirts, embroidered sheers and tulle. There were some off-shoulder looks and gorgeous warm outerwear, but for the most part it the youthful collection was strong in its folksy vibe and Mexican influences. The strong, punchy colours used (blue, red, black and white) combined well with floral patterns and highlighted both strength and creativity with its hard and soft elements which were intended to reflect the many sides of a woman.

You will note that we have wilfully disregarded the horrendous ballet shoe-cum-sneaker the poor models were required to wear.

Red Valentino


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