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Images: Rego Realtors
I’ve been profiling my favourite Bermuda homes recently and I wanted to add another two to the pile. This has to be one of the most unique properties on the island. Much of Bermuda is limestone and in the east end of the island there are some very fine underground caves. One set of caves is now open to the public as a tourist attraction and not far from these is another set of caves in an area called Leamington. Apparently these caves were once open to the public, but have long since been closed to the public. At one point I believe there was a restaurant on site. A few years ago, the buildings which were part of the restaurant were converted into several homes, and I watched with interest as this was done. There are two or three homes on the property at present. My favourite has a pool and waterfall on the top floor. I have seen photos of it in the past, and if any are published again, you can be sure I will bring them to you.  In addition to an elegant renovation, the properties also have their very own limestone cave system.

For now I bring you pictures of two of the properties: the top left photograph is of the exterior of Yeaton’s Cottage with Leamington Cottage in the background with the peaked roof. Clockwise, the next two pictures are of the interior of Leamington Cottage (the kitchen and living room respectively) and the last picture is of the kitchen area of Yeaton’s Cottage.

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