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I know I've highlighted cardboard furniture for children on many occasions on this blog and in fact one of my posts on the subject has been trending as number one for more than a month now (and it shows no sign of losing its grip on the top spot) but I wanted to give Green Lullaby a mention. 

I was initially attracted to the cubes pictured above which can be used as stools as well as storage for toys, but what really grabbed my attention was the bassinet.  A bassinet is something new parents love to purchase but it doesn't get much use as a baby grows quickly and is moved to a larger crib. I really like the idea of this cardboard bassinet which is made from recyclable material, lightweight and easily assembled (and disassembled) therefore allowing the new parent to have the child close by in the early stages of life without sacrificing much in terms of storage space and expense.

Images: Green Lullaby


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