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Does anyone still design and build homes like this?  I'm not suggesting that beautifully designed homes aren't being built these days, but the disciplines of architecture, construction and interior design seem to be split and there is a division of labour when it comes to building homes now with everyone working independently of one another.  I love the fact that Frank Lloyd Wright looked at the big picture and put the same amount of thought into the details including furniture and the way in which occupants were to use the space.   A good example of this is his Kenneth Laurent House which is currently up for auction. The residence was designed for a wheelchair-bound veteran, and you can see some of the thought that went into designing the space including wide passageways and open areas which  facillitate a wheelchair.  Even the furniture looks designed to allow a wheelchair to be pulled right up to it.  The built-in shelves and drawers work seamlessly with the overall feel and the result is effortlessly, easy living where form and functionality meld together perfectly and the overall effect is functional and pleasing.

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