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Untitled [an experiment in integrity] | Louisa Bermingham Flannery
The 2012 Bermuda National Gallery Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art marked its tenth anniversary last June.  Sponsored once again by Bacardi Limited, the show paid tribute to the passion and excellence of Bermudian artists with the intention of providing a critical space where contemporary artwork could be presented.  

Twenty-one finalists were shortlisted from a wider field of fifty-six and artworks in such varied media as film, sculpture, photography, painting and collage were submitted for consideration.  This year's exhibition was juried by Naomi Beckwith, curator at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art and Christopher Cozier, Trinidadian-based artist, writer and curator to provide an international perspective with the intention of injecting the exhibition into a wider global conversation on the production of contemporary art.  

Notable entries included Louisa Bermingham Flannery's exploration of the female relationship to the world which used the artist's own hair to symbolise her identity within themes of power, beauty, responsibility and acceptance, Charles Godet Thomas' exploration of death and mortality embodying the anxieties inherent in the human condition, the disturbing and macabre animated works by Sunell Lombard and the relief sculptures of Michael Walsh.

Mouthpiece for White People II | Manuel Palacio
Love Experiment #1 | James Cooper
Left: Shallow Waters | Jacqueline Alma ◉ Right: We Did Nothing | Michael Walsh
Left: The Battle Between Them and Us and the Unknown Outcome | Kevin Morris ◉
Right: Making Sense [A Grave Dimension] | Charles Godet Thomas
How to Make a Prince | Bryan Ritchie


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