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How adorable is this multi-story dollhouse from Boomini?

The the four level house is made of high quality MDF.  The front has been left open for ease of play and includes a staircase which can be used from the front or the side.  The interior is decorated with black and white wallpaper, which provides the perfect backdrop for the miniature furniture and accessories that have been fashioned in vibrant colours.  The attention to detail is remarkable: the rear wall of the kitchen is a blackboard, where you can chalk recipes or leave messages for other family members, while the ground floor has an entrance hall complete with wardrobe and shoe cabinet and a bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink.  On the first floor is a kitchen with a double-sided island, a fridge, a cupboard and an oven.  On the next level is a living room with a coffee table, comfortable seating, a lamp, a bookshelf and a rug. On the walls there are two mini-shelves - one for photographs and paintings and the other for a TV (in reality a digital photo frame, smart phone or tablet can be used). The bedroom is found on the top floor of the house and has a double bed with a mattress, cushions, duvet and a bedspread as well as matching bedside tables with lamps.

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