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For someone who's constantly plugged in we are surprised by just how much we like this idea. 

There is something simple and uncomplicated about this credit card-sized phone which is designed to remove all the distractions now commonly found on smartphones in the form of apps and other "technological improvements".  Artist and designer Joe Hollier has joined with mobile phone industry veteran Kaiwei Tang to create this prototype called the Light Phone.  In a retrograde step, the phone can only make and receive calls and tell time.  It is designed to be used in addition to your regular smart phone as a more streamlined, simple, timeless tool or used to supplement your regular cell phone in an emergency should, for example, the battery die on your phone .  The Light Phone also makes an ideal first phone for a child.

The Light Phone has a battery life of 20 days and comes preloaded with 500 minutes of talk time.

Image  |   The Light Phone

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