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At a time when the simple record player is experiencing a resurgence among those too young to have experienced it the first time around, it should come as no surprise that the next nostalgic item to receive attention would be the typewriter.

Fast on its way to extinction, the people over at Elretron hope to revive interest in the satisfying look and feel of the traditional mechanical typewriter and have developed a wireless Bluetooth keyboard known as Penna. With a vintage typewriter look, the Penna aims to provide a stylish design. It offers the feeling of a mechanical keyboard with keycaps that let you know if you have actually typed a letter, thereby helping to reduce mistakes. The keyboard will be available with either diamond shaped keys (rounded corners give a smooth feeling and aim for more accurate typing) or chrome keys (more like a traditional typewriter), depending on your preference. The layout of the keyboard is the standard QWERTY setup but with added features such as the ability to adjust volume and brightness. Penna is designed to work with most Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

The Penna keyboard is being crowd-funded through Kickstarter and will be available in either black, pink, olive green, or white.

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