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We have a love-hate relationship with Prada. While we recognise the importance of the brand and its role as a trendsetter, we are often left underwhelmed by the actual collections. Sacrilege we know. 

This collection honoured the militant woman, and therefore it made sense that the tailoring - in the form of beautifully cut jackets and coats - took centre stage. These were shown with or without sleeves and in double- or single-breasted versions and included a gorgeous tweed coat with embellishments across the chest and on the shoulders. We also took note of the shiny plastic polka dotted Macintoshes. Arachnids crawled over chests and could be found on jumpers and vests. One obvious recurring theme was the use of cartoons and manga by female artists that were screen printed over shirts, some of which were worn backward or buttoned up the back. As with all of her collections, there was a lot to unpack from her use of textures to prints (be they zebra or leopard spot) to embellishments, none of which in theory should go together, but by some form of strange alchemy managed to.

Images | Monica Feudi / Indigital.tv


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