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Looking for the perfect gift for the coffee-lover in your life? This elegant and minimalistic espresso machine is an enjoyable way to get your day started. The Newton Espresso Coffee Maker's straightforward design uses no electricity, requires little maintenance or cleaning, and has no pumps or intricate inner workings. The lever-press operation also means the Newton is silent to use. The high-quality seals, the piston design, and leverage system create sufficient pressure to produce the perfect espresso. The amount of force that can be applied to the lever can be varied in several ways: the force applied to the handle, the quantity of coffee used in the basket, the tamping pressure, and the coarseness of the grind.  

The portable espresso machine takes up very little countertop space and is even wall-mountable. The wooden base, handle and tamp have been finished with a two-part acid catalysed lacquer used for bench tops to provide an easily cleaned, stain resistant and hard wearing surface. The other components (except the stainless steel removable coffee basket) have been machined from aluminium with a powder coated finish and the cylinder with an anodised, food safe finish.

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