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While natural disasters can be terrifying, awe-inspiring and beautiful to behold sometimes they can cause unmitigated grief and trauma. The Dear Disaster cabinet from Stoft Studios is an attempt to alleviate some of the pain and assist with the  process of recovery after natural disasters thereby enabling the user to reconcile and regain their trust in nature with the help of abstract patterns and rhythmic interaction.

More than 800 movable Birch wood slats cover the front of these cabinets. The tactile structure is meant to give an outlet through which the user can express his emotions and on which he can leave his own individual imprint. The patterns are inspired by water and waves and can be calm or agitated like a stormy sea, static and moveable at the same time. Built by professional cabinet-makers in Sweden, the moveable wooden structure is carefully painted and threaded by hand by the studio – a process requiring as much time as building the cabinet itself.

Images | Ulrika Kestere


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