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Perhaps it’s a case of homegrown talent having to go overseas to perfect their craft before being taken seriously at home. Whatever the case, much has been said and many column inches have already been devoted to the fact that this was Victoria Beckham's 10th anniversary show, and the momentousness of the occasion was clearly written all over the designer's face as she took her rightful applause at the end.

Beckham has returned home and seeing the pictures, we immediately began to covet the elongating, split-front trousers sported by the designer herself. This piece was a noteworthy element in a collection that consisted of thoughtful, eloquent tailoring. We saw trousers worn under skirts and subtle stripes thrown in. Floor-length knit dresses and cardigans provided warmth, and micro floral printed blazers were worn over pleated organza skirts. We were less fond of the handkerchief hemlines but they worked better when they were merely asymmetrical rather than overly complicated. As with Osklen’s collection, rope was used as fastenings on several of her pieces, a definite marker for a trend that will probably take hold over the next few months.

Otherwise, Beckham showed coats for layering rather than warmth, as well as high-necked tops and she teamed net over-shirts and dresses that were elegantly simple in their form. There were no formal pieces in the collection per se, but a navy halter-necked dress near the end of the show could be called upon to do service if necessary.


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