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Easter's on the way, so why commit to standard elliptical offerings when you could try the reinvented chocolates of Melbourne/Hong Kong-based artist and designer Ryan L Foote instead?

Known for his food art installations, Foote's chocolates are for the digital age. For the last three years Foote has been living between Melbourne and Hong Kong, traveling back and forth for various projects and his chocolates aim to capture the signature flavours of these regions such as unique Australian botanicals, traditional Hong Kong inspired flavours, and a range of single origin chocolate from the Asia Pacific region. This collection combines his love of chocolate with innovative 3D-printing technologies to create a truly unique range of contemporary chocolates. The chocolates are visually engaging and reflective of contemporary design. They take culinary inspiration from around the Pacific including geological formations, natural minerals and the built world of architecture.

Ryan L Foote Chocolates


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