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The UKB chair manufactured by woodworker and sculptor Joshua Friedman of Base 10 Furniture and designed by Jennifer Yoko Olson takes its reference from the unique possibilities and personality of Japanese joinery.

A tradition that evolved over centuries, Japanese joinery has created enduring structures without the use of any hardware, relying instead on the perfect alignment of wooden joints. Prior to launching his own furniture brand, Friedman studied traditional Japanese timber framing, and practiced specialty carpentry in California and New York. Olson, a New York-based industrial designer born and raised in Tokyo, joined Friedman on his first trip to Japan in 2017 as a friend, translator, and student of Japanese woodworking traditions. Together they visited a series of master craftsmen, touring studios and observing techniques. Inspired by these discoveries the idea for the UKB chair was formed and a collaboration between the pair seemed inevitable.

Base 10 Furniture

The form of the UKB chair is intentionally unforgiving to highlight the precision of this craft. Friedman’s hand-cut joinery is invisible from the exterior of the chair but is functional and provides the hidden strength that makes the surprisingly spare form of the chair possible. The resulting structure is light and unassuming. Its broad radius and clean lines pay homage to Streamline architecture and the sweeping horizontal landscape of Los Angeles, the  home of Base 10 Furniture.


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