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Designed to elevate the user's physical and emotional experience, abl transforms a mobility aid to a personal accessory worth showing off.

Built as a way of re-imagining the walking cane, the challenge faced by Knack Studio was to overcome the stigma attached to using a mobility aid by creating a product someone would be proud to hold by their side. They focused on improving the user's experience with improved functionality and thoughtful aesthetics. To do this, the cane was designed around a timeless form with quality materials, such as leather and wood, to give it a personal feel.

Wrapped in stitched, cushioned leather, abl's ring-shaped handle ergonomically positions the user's grip directly over the cane's shaft, increasing both comfort and stability. To avoid having to bend over to pick the cane up off the floor, abl's flared rubber "foot" means it can stand on its own and  provides extra stability and traction while in use.
Knack Design

By elevating both the user's physical and emotional experience with the cane, abl transforms itself from a mobility aid to a personal accessory.

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