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We kick off Spring 2020 with a look at a few collections that have already been released. Here, volume and texture combined with luxurious fabrics are the hallmarks of Greta Constantine’s collection.

As a design house that does not engage with pattern, the conundrum to be solved in this instance was how best to depict the florals that were the inspiration for this collection.

Greta Constantine’s designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong took a non-literal approach and relied instead on frills and texture to evoke a Jamaican orchid farm. Frills adorned bodices, hems and sleeves, while pussy bows were casually knotted at the neck. Trousers were invariably wide with inverted pleats while shorts were also given the frill treatment. Pin dotted fabrics, often lined but sometimes left sheer made up the bulk of the collection which wrapped up with gorgeous over-the-top tiered tulle gowns and some high-wattage evening wear, including a gold lamé jumpsuit which looked and flowed on the body like liquid metal.

Greta Constantine

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