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We first wrote about this collaboration back in December, 2017 when it was announced and cannot believe it has taken this long for designer-of-the-moment Virgil Abloh’s collaboration with Swedish behemoth IKEA to get to market. 

MARKERAD, the a limited-edition collection developed with Abloh’s millennial demographic in mind, is flexible enough to cater to persons living alone, as a couple, or cohabiting as roommates. The collection offers a new way to make a statement in the home with budget-friendly and fashionable objects.
Abloh brings his unexpected, artistic references and deconstructive elements like his iconic quotation marks which can be found throughout and are used to add a sense of irony and inject humour into everyday objects.
The collection mixes functionality with high-end cultural references, turning everyday objects like a table, chair, mirror and clock into design icons. Several of the designs appear to have evolved over the period since the collaboration was announced but the final collection includes a receipt rug - a simple slip of paper is elevated to something worthy of display a backlit Mona Lisa which blurs the boundary between functionality and art, a solid pine daybed, a dining table whose legs click into place, and a simple chair based on the traditional Windsor frame that features a doorstop leg.
The collection will be available on November 1.

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