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Solace, Catherine White
The ninth biennial Charman Prize opened last Friday in the main gallery of the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art with 107 Bermuda-based artists working in a variety of media on the theme ‘Where Fate Leads Us’. 

The subject matter - the English translation of the island’s motto - once again placed Bermuda at the centre. As in previous years, some artists stuck to the theme religiously while others showed a bit of latitude. We were pleased with the number of new and first time exhibitors as well as the variety of the subject matter (only one artwork referenced Gombeys this year although octopi proved surprisingly popular) and materials used. The works were assessed by a panel of foreign judges including art lecturer Linda Wilde, and gallery owners Robin Light and Lisa Norris.

The eponymous prize worth $10,000 was won on the night by photographer Jayde Gibbons whose assemblage of a Good Friday gathering paid homage to long-standing Bermudian traditions. Other winners included Kok Wan Lee’s Uncertainty Landscape for Design and Composition, Andrea Sundt’s Ember for Use of Material, Gillian Outerbridge’s Old Autumn in the Misty Morn for Distinctive and Convincing Style, and Charles Zuill’s Primal Bermuda for Source of Inspiration. The Masterworks Collection Prize was awarded to Kyle James’ aerial photograph of the island entitled Morning City Rise.

Round de Corner, Shanna Hollis
Back to Ourselves, Gherdai Hassell
Ember, Andrea Sundt
Neighbourhood Kids, Jayde Gibbons
Longford Layers, Zoƫ Dyson
Old Autumn in the Misty Morn, Gillian Outerbridge
Easily Distracted, Abi Box
The Concheror, Chris Dawson
Back of Town, Heidi Cowen
Loquats, Emma Ingham
Blossom, Kayla Jackson
Uncertainty Landscape, Kok Wan Lee
Bermuda Seascape, Fiona Elkinson
Heartline, Heather Nova
Rescued from Manifest Destiny, Richard Sutton
Save Us Protect Us, In Paradise, Tommy Poh
Rebirth, Cheryl Hayeem


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