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There has been much talk and a rave reviews about the sound quality of the SYMFONISK speaker collection given its price point, but to be honest we are not 100% sold on the overall design.

IKEA have partnered with Sonos to create a product line that is intended to change one’s idea of what a speaker looks like, where it belongs and its functionality. They recognised the fact that not everyone wants a speaker to be noticeable, so they sought to design something that was both unobtrusive and multi-functional. 

Two designs we eventually settled upon: a table lamp seemed to be the ideal starting point as it is a versatile piece of furniture found and used in several different rooms including bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens. The second design option is a sleek, mountable speaker that doubles as a bookshelf for small items. When designing double-purpose objects like this, materials used to create the item were a top priority. The table lamp's exterior is wrapped with a 3D knitted material that  helps to improve audio quality and results in a soft, more inviting feel than a traditional speaker and although the speaker itself is not waterproof, the outer shell helps to prevent spilled liquids from reaching the speaker's hardware. 

The companies' mandate was to create an high-quality audio system with a low price point, and they succeeded. The bookshelf/speaker retails at an impressive $99 and the speaker/table lamp hybrid for $179.

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