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Trinidadian artist Nneka Jones uses hand embroidery as her medium of choice in a series of contemporary, textured portraits. 

Jones is interested in exploring contemporary portraiture and her work marries this with mixed media elements.  She credits her use of colour and precise forms to her Caribbean roots and her subjects are often almost exclusively persons of African descent. 

Jones uses her artwork as a platform to speak out against social injustices, a cause that previously only received passing notice but which has risen to prominence over the last few months with the death of George Floyd and the global Black Lives Matter movement. In Every Stitch Counts, the theme has turned out to be remarkably prescient. The beautifully detailed embroidered portraits of women and girls staring solemnly at the viewer are superimposed with a target or scope and while Jones sought to highlight the societal and political issues facing Caribbean society, the issue of young black persons being targeted in society generally could not be more relevant.

Nneka Jones
Nneka Jones

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