I’ve been loving dresses for several years now. In fact my work wardrobe has slowing been metamorphosing from suits to dresses. The main benefit for me is that they make getting ready in the morning so much easier; no longer do I have to look for a suit and something to wear under it, belt, shoes, etc. With a dress, it’s slip on and go, plus shoes. I’m also hoping my dry cleaning bills will be less with one dress as opposed to a two-piece suit working out to be cheaper but I’m not sure with the costs of dry cleaning in Bermuda being as they are. But that’s a whole other post.

Scrolling though day dresses on today and came across this Marc Jacobs one. I like it a lot as it is more wearable than most of his stuff. Sometimes I wonder whether he’s laughing at us women for wearing some of his creations as they don’t seem to be very flattering. I’m not sure if I could carry it off though, especially here.