Image: The Guardian Newspaper
No, nothing like that.  Every Saturday, the Guardian newspaper's fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morely writes about various fashion-related topics.  Her articles are accompanied by video footage of her wearing and talking about the topic of the week.  I must confess that I very rarely read the articles, but love watching the videos and particularly reading the comments left by others who feel obliged to pass comment on everything from her hair and make-up to her favourite pigeon-toed stance.

I enjoy watching because I am amazed with the way she comes up with these obscure topics and also how she talks about them with such authority.  Past gems include "How To Dress ... Chubby Coats", "How To Dress ... American Tan Tights" and "How To Dress ... High-heeled Hiking Boots".  

Have a look at Jess in all her glory here.