Image: island*atelier

I think the ongoing popularity of mid-century design comes from the fact that a lot of people my age actually grew up with the items at home which means there is a lot of nostalgia at play.
Back then however the design would have been full-on.  Now it's more about use in moderation, with the odd mid-century piece thrown in among more current and minimalist pieces. 

Several years ago I was looking for a more substantial dining room set and knew right away exactly what I wanted. Eventually I found a table, chairs and matching sideboard for sale. When I went to see the pieces, I didn't know much more than the fact that they were in excellent condition and I had to have them.  Fast forward to getting the pieces home, and on closer inspection I noticed the inside one of the doors of the sideboard had a plate which said "G Plan".  I did some research and I learnt that G Plan is seminal for Danish mid-century design and are highly coveted.  I know why. Even after all these years the furniture is in near-perfect condition and it's obvious  lot of attention and detail was put into the design. The result: well-designed, simple, timeless pieces which will be appreciated forever.