Image: Emilie Bailey
Images: Marwood
There are a couple or reasons I am glad I am not a man and men's fashion is a large part of it. There's only so much you can do with women's clothes, so I find the restrictions on men, who society dictates must be a lot more conservatively dressed, a real deal breaker.  It takes something exceptional to make me take a real interest in anything happening in men's fashions, and Marwood has done just that.  The idea behind their reworking of men's ties is so beautiful in its simplicity that you have to wonder why no one ever thought of doing it before. 

Marwood was founded in 2009 by Becky French, a designer who previously worked for Ralph Lauren and Aquascutum and the ties are manufactured in the UK and Italy.  They use texture to striking and unusual effect by overlaying the (unlined) fabric with lace.  The Autumn/Winter 2001 line will be available for purchase in June 2011 and you can find more information on the ties and stockists here.