Image: Goodbyn
Image: via Macy's

A couple of weeks after the school year started I grew tired of trying to cram various mismatched plastic containers into my daughter's lunchbox and decided to hunt down the perfect Bento-style container.  I managed to find a couple online but nothing I was happy with.   Eventually I found one for less than five dollars while I was browsing at Macy's.   The Macy's version is branded under Martha Stewart's name, but the product is actually manufactured by Sistema, a New Zealand company.  The Lunch Cube has three compartments big enough for a sandwich and sides.  I love the fact that it saves space by stacking on top of itself, a feature I'd never seen before, which ensures a great fit in her lunchbox.  A couple of months later I came across Goodbyn in a local store.  Goodbyn takes the Bento concept to the next level as the entire lunchbox is compartmentalised. It's easy to carry, easy to open and comes with its own bottle and stickers for added personalisation. 

I think a Bento box makes getting the school lunch together so much easier.  Having a lot of different compartments allows you to pack many different items, whether wet or dry, into one container which is then fits perfectly into the lunchbox.  Goodbye missing tops and plastic baggies!  Both the Sistema Lunch Cube and the Goodbyn are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.