Image: Bolefloor
Bolefloor produces flooring which, rather than being cut into regular widths and lengths, follows the natural curving plane of the wood.  In the manufacturing process, Bolefloor's machines scan the wood to evaluate imperfections such as knots and sapwood and ensure that these are near the edges or ends of the planks.  Because of this, each floorboard is as individual as the tree it came from and no two floors are alike.  The manufacturer claims that this process helps to save natural resources, presumably by reducing waste as more wood is able to be extracted per forest.

Being a little bit of a perfectionist, I'm not sure whether I could ever get used to having a wood floor that isn't angular, but the natural curves and flow of the Bolefloor do have some visual appeal.  

See some more examples of Bolefloor in situ after the jump.

Images: Bolefloor