Images: Issey Miyake
One of the things I've always loved about making clothes is the magic that occurs when a two-dimensional piece of cloth is transformed into three-dimensional article of clothing. Issey Miyake appears to be reverse engineering this process.

I have always loved his deconstructed aesthetic: from the innovative and forward-looking Pleats Please collections of the 1990s, to this new venture which he has now embarked upon in conjunction with Reality Lab, an in-house research and development team which was formed in 2007. The project called 132 5, uses computers to create algorithms are which are then translated into three-dimensional geometric shapes which can be collapsed into two-dimensional forms. The two-dimensional pieces are steam-pressed to become unique articles of clothing like shirts, skirts, trousers and even dresses.  In order to improve the overall environmental impact and sustainability of the collection, Reality Lab claims not to use materials which depend on fossil fuels and the collection is not scheduled by season.  The entire line is made from a special polyester in a process which it is claimed reduces energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 80%.