Image: Biegert & Funk
Biegert & Funk, the makers of the Qlocktwo, a wall clock that eschewed numbers for common phrases to tell you the time, now brings you the Qlocktwo Watch.  Like its predecessor, the face of the the Qlocktwo Watch features a grid of 110 letters, which is used to display the time in words and phrases rather than numerically at the press of a side-mounted stainless steel button.   The watch, which will be available in English or German versions, is housed in a square, brushed stainless steel casing and comes in natural or black with a rubber or leather strap.  Other functions include the ability to show the calendar, days and seconds.

While I do still appreciate the watch's sleek, minimalist design, a major flaw in my eyes is that the text only tells the time in the closest five-minute increments.  This problem is inelegantly addressed by the inclusion of a series of four dots below the main letter grid which signify additional minutes between the five minute intervals.  Despite this failing, the Qlocktwo Watch is undoubtedly an innovative and unusual design.