Image: Urshuz

It's a little difficult to describe this shoe; it's best to see it in action here.  Urshuz, inspired by Legos, is definitely a revolutionary way of looking at footwear.  Designed by Grant Delgatty, the shoe comes in two parts: the upper and the sole, which are hooked together in the most ingenious manner using a stylus which is housed in the sole.  Just as children can build whatever they imagine with the different shapes and colours of the building blocks, Delgatty thought it would be fun if people could enjoy playing with options and being creative with their own shoes.  The patented looping system allows you to detach and reattach uppers from their sole thereby customising the shoe with almost unlimited permutations and combinations of colours and textures of uppers and soles. The line does not dictate what buyers should wear, but they encourage people to be free to express themselves and be creative. 

For the upper, you can choose between shoes, flip-flops and slides all of which can be applied interchangeably on the rubber sole.  With this adaptability, shoe styles and colours can be switched up to match your own personal taste or needs, switching from a neutral toned shoe for work to their favourite sneakers for kicking around.

Images: Urshuz