Image: Herman Miller, Inc./Industrial Facility

Herman Miller, Inc. recently introduced the Wireframe Sofa Group, a newly-commissioned design by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of London-based Industrial Facility.  Minimalist and modern with a visible lightness, the Wireframe Sofa Group features an external cage-like structure that holds its cushioning in place.  Made from steel wire, the durable frame ensures that the overall design is lightweight.  The Wireframe Sofa is the first sofa to employ the suspension technology that was developed by Herman Miller for the healthcare industry.  By evenly distributing sitting pressure, the sofa becomes a comfortable and versatile choice for home, work or hospitality environments. 

Wireframe Sofas are available with black or white frames and with cushion upholstery in all Herman Miller Collection fabrics.   As the frame is separate from the upholstery, the cushions are easy to remove, clean and maintain.   Two-, three-seat, lounge chair and ottoman styles are available. 

Images: Herman Miller, Inc./Industrial Facility