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During one of the storms that hit the island late last year, our letterbox - which had been affixed to a stone pillar in front of the house - was dislodged and blown away. Thereafter followed weeks of scouring the island for a stylish replacement, only to find a proliferation of plastic US mail offerings.  Something like this box from Javi Design would have been perfect. 

The letterbox features a front panel precision machined from Accoya wood which is manufactured from sustainable sources mounted on a metal box and attached with stainless steel hinges and fasteners. Three finishes are offered: clear, oiled or black stained and the letterbox can be engraved with their custom font. The box can stand alone or be incorporated into walls, fences and apartment buildings. The Javi Letterbox is also secured by a stainless steel visor and lockable magnetic door, which keeps personal correspondence in your hands only.

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