Industrial designer Davide Anzalone has created the Re Cinto Sofa as part of the ‘Insofar’ international design contest promoted by Formabilio. 

The casual structure consists of an outer container made of lacquered plywood boards which encases a central seat like a floating island.  The gap between the seat and outer container is filled with cushions all along the side and the back and these form the arm- and backrests of the piece.  The shape of the cushions mimics a fence and the name Re Cinto is a play on words that mean 'recinto' which is Italian for 'fence'.  There is also a space underneath the padded seat which provides a storage area for small objects and, in a truly modern turn, there is a hole in the back of the container for an electrical cord to pass through.

The playful design can be customised by the use of different coloured cushions which can also be arranged in various ways.