Image  |  Alessandro Lucioni
We are always amazed at the sheer number of outfits Dolce + Gabbana can send down the runway at any given show. For Spring, the designers showed a total of almost 100 pieces all of which were impeccably rendered and styled. Their show was essentially a love letter to their homeland and la dolce vita, so they didn't want for inspiration. From the beaches of Portofino, to the leaning tower of Pisa, nothing was too kitsch or clichéd to be covered. With references to lemon orchards and gondolas, it was a fun and lighthearted collection that saw models pause mid-stride to take selfies on appropriately heavily embellished cell phones.

Classic shift dresses were shown but in beautiful form fitting shapes, some with abstract, painterly stripes. The black, widow's weeds they typically show were updated by the use of sheer lace overworked with what looked like crochet. The kimono-esque dresses were some of our favourite pieces. Also embellished: sunglasses, headbands and shoes which all featured heavy ornamentation.  Models carried baskets or handbags that were made to resemble cameras and, as a lighthearted touch, Dolce + Gabbana shopping bags.

Images  |  Alessandro Lucioni