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Image  |   Andrea Adriani /Imaxtree
Let's close out New York with a look at what Marc Jacobs will be offering for Spring.

To say there was a  lot to see in this collection would be an understatement.  The show could perhaps be described as a commentary on the American entertainment industry and the state of modern fame - be it horror show or circus.  Jacobs sent an extremely patriotic, glam rock collection down the runway.  In addition to literal takes on the red, white and blue of the American flag, the clothes were a bright and unapologetic mix of reds and blues (a combination Tory Burch also used to great effect in her Spring 2016 collection), often evocative of fireworks.  

Icons of Americana could be found everywhere and included the Playboy bunny, Mickey Mouse, Coca-cola, popcorn, Converse all-stars and Hollywood (in the form of movies and cinema) and a repeated print of the opera diva Maria Callas.  Some religious iconography was also thrown into the mix in the form of the sacred heart which appeared as an appliqué on one or two outfits for reasons probably only known to the designer.  Waists were cinched with Western-style belts and some of the flash was tempered by deconstructed knitwear and slouchy, oversized shapes.  There was an uncompromising feel in the footwear, the majority of which consisted of violently pointed pumps and boots.  

Image  |   Andrea Adriani /Imaxtree