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We are not ones to shy away from a challenge, whether it be taking and posting ten photographs on Instagram in a single day (it's a lot harder than it looks) or deciding to feature only local content here for the entire month of December. You might think this shouldn't be too difficult to do, and you'd be right if we lived somewhere with a population of a million or even a couple of hundred thousand to choose from, but with a populace that numbers around 60,000 it is a little bit of a challenge, but one that hopefully can be met. Despite the size of the population, there are quite a few amazingly talented people here.  We started the month with a look at photographer Meredith Andrews' annual countdown.  Next up, the patterned pottery pieces (say that quickly) of Jon Faulkner.

Faulkner creates contemporary items using the age-old method of salt glazing in a kiln that he designed himself, and it is the salt glaze that gives his work its distinctive and unusual texture.  The functional crockery as well as the more decorative pieces are created on site at a studio-cum-gallery located at the historic Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda.  The line is designed so that items such as the bowls, plates and tableware can be acquired with a view to creating a collection or alternatively one-off, statement pieces like the Bartmann or Bellarmine jug (pictured after the jump), which is a beautifully rendered replica of a vessel found on the shipwreck of the Sea Venture, can be used to add impact to any interior. 

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