After several years of contemplation and rumination, Bermudian photographer Amanda Temple has brought her long-held dream to life with the publication of her book Tapestry of Tales. With the common thread throughout being love - whether of home, family, hobbies or memories - Temple travelled the length and breadth of Bermuda photographing a wide cross-section of Bermudian society including fishermen, artists, teachers, housewives, and politicians at home. Her portraits were taken using natural light which Temple felt helped to reveal the essence of each subject and she included a selection of curated portraits with each story to weave a more interesting and complete tapestry.

Initially conceived as an exhibition, once the project got underway Temple realised that a book would be a better way to pair her imagery with each subject's tale as well as to provide a permanent record of her work and the stories. An exhibition of selected prints from Tapestry of Tales opens today at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art and runs until May 17. The book is available for preorder here.

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