BCXSY, an Amsterdam-based interdisciplinary collaboration between designers Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto, was commissioned by renowned textile brand Kvadrat to create a design using their Canvas fabric, and the Catwalk Bench is the result. The Bench takes an uncommon approach to upholstery whereby the textile is displayed as a revolving loop - reminiscent of a manually operated conveyor belt - rather than resting static and in place. Gradually the various colourways of the Canvas textile appears and moves across the surface of the bench like a vivid fashion show, highlighting the tonal relationships and harmonies within the collection. The textile possesses the characteristic of providing a variety of different impressions, depending on the distance and angle from which it is viewed.

The Catwalk Bench was shown as part of the My Canvas exhibition at Somerset House, London for the London Design Festival.

Images | Casper Sejersen