'Labour Agreement', The Centipede Art Collective on Island Atelier
Image | The Royal Gazette

The Centipede Art Collective which we previously featured here produced a piece of performance art for this year's Bermuda Biennial. Entitled 'Labour Agreement', it was performed by two members of the group Sidney Mello and Michael Walsh who were dressed as blue-collar workers in navy overalls complete with high-vis jackets. The men wielded one broom with two-handles and swept the entrance of City Hall in Hamilton (which building also houses the Bermuda National Gallery where the Biennial is exhibited) for eight hours. The double-handled broom was a metaphor for collaboration, a theme that often runs through the the works of the Collective. The piece can now be viewed as a video installation.

The 2018 Bermuda Biennial runs until January 6, 2019.