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Image: island*atelier
I read an article the other day about career women who give it all up to raise their children. These women are so used to the challenges of the world of work that they have to find other avenues in which to channel their energies, an as a result they often put a lot of emphasis into their children, but in often trivial pursuits such as ensuring that their child has the best toddler bed, or lunch kit or birthday party. Reading the article I could see a lot of myself in it. Although I have kept the career, I can also spend a lot of time doing these trivial things. As for me, I blame: (i) the Internet which has opened up the entire world of possibilities for me. I am no longer restricted to the limited retail options Bermuda has to offer (for anyone who lives on a small island, you know what I am talking about) and I have all of my favourite sites bookmarked; and (ii) the chi-chi children’s lifestyle magazines that now abound. Unfortunately I subscribe to the worst offender Cookie magazine. Every month I am inundated with new ideas like the bunting pictured above. Simple, I know but it took ages to make, and the feeling of accomplishment whenever I look at it is great. I love it though as they feed my creativity and there is a ton of great stuff online to inspire me. I just wish I had more time to do it all.

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