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In my usual circuitous manner I have 'discovered' more local talent. While we had been exchanging emails on an unrelated matter, it was only some weeks later while I was killing time on Tumblr that I stumbled across one of his projects and that piqued my curiosity.  It turns out that James Cooper is a photographer of some repute.  I have no idea if he's related to Dana Cooper of whom I wrote about here, however on an island this size I'd say the chances are pretty good. He takes amazing underwater images which have a dreamy, surrealistic quality but I also like the helmet series of photographs (pictured after the jump) which are universally Bermudian.  

His recent exhibitions include 'Forever Forged. Forever Becoming' which was presented by ARC Magazine in collaboration with the African and African Caribbean Design Diaspora and held in London from September 9 - 25 of this year and, in another strange coincidence, James was recently part of a show at Alice Yard, the studio space I had hoped to visit a few months ago and wrote about here. The show called 'Act 5: The Performative Movement' also opened earlier this month.  You can read about 'Forever Forged' in more detail here and 'Act 5' in more detail here.

See more of James' portfolio after the jump.

Images: James Cooper


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