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Those of you from the Caribbean will immediately recognise this artist's last name.  While her father has given us many hours of laughter and entertainment, I had no idea that his daughter was a visual artist and designer, far less one of such caliber.  The images featured above and after the jump are from Tara Keens-Douglas' master’s thesis at the University of Waterloo.  Made from paper which is folded and manipulated to exaggerate the proportions of the body, the wearable sculptures are intended to straddle the boundaries of architecture and fashion and reflect certain aspects of our carnival culture.  According to her thesis, the chaos of parade, music and dance fuses the body with the costume, transforming the individual and freeing him from inhibitions.  In this way, carnival moves us beyond our bodies and into the experience of ecstasy.

See more images of Tara Keens-Douglas' designs after the jump.

Images: Tara Keens-Douglas

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